CBD Dragon - Quality European CBD Products

Welcome to official website of CBD Dragon Europe. On our website we want to present you our brand, our philosophy and of course our products. Our website contains basic information about CBD oils and their usage and advantages. Please note that CBD or any other hemp product does not have any medical classification.

Made with passion

Our CBD and CBG oils are made with maximum care and passion to the product. We always check our products in every stage of production including growing process. If any error occures we always apply our strict guidelines over products quality and we never let any low quality product to be labeled or sell as CBD Dragon.


Origin of our products

All our products are made of organic grown hemp without adding any unnecessary additives or chemicals. The hemp, Cannabis Sativa, is grown on our own land on sunny fields in southern Spain. As we grow and process the hemp from the seed to the final product we do vouch for the quality of all our products from CBD to hemp cosmetics.


Modern production process

Among other reasons why we can vouch for top quality of our products is that we are using top quality machinery and technlogy. Our processing machines are among the best in the hemp industry and they are checked and serviced on regular basis. All together with very high level of hygiene standards and our professional staff we can quarantee top quality.


Thank you for visiting our website, we hope you will find all you are looking for.

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